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Got my place booked along with my flights and accommodation... I'm off to Tech Ed this year.


I like to keep my eye on the MS Downloads RSS feed and noticed this one coming through today. If you think you may need the hotfix you can find it here. I have not had an opportunity to use SP2 in production yet, so I have not come across any of these issues first hand, but from their descriptions I can see why Microsoft has released a public hot fix rather than waiting for SP3. This software patch includes fixes for the following issues: HTML Viewer Style Sheet Configuration Property Missing from ......
I have been asked a couple of times now, “what new features are coming in SQL 2005?” and even by people that have access to, or have seen the CTP. It's true that there have not been a lot of changes in SRS, let's face it, the version released for SQL 2000 was really just a pre-release of the SQL 2005 version. But in the 18 months or so there have been a number of small changes that really to add to the products maturity. The following list summarising the major changes was taken from the Microsoft ......
I just can across Chris Webb's BI Blog and it has some good stuff on it in relation to Analysis Services. One of the posts that caught my eye was this Microsoft Webcast on MDX Tuning, I have just downloaded the offline version, this is definitely something I am going to watch ......
Service Broker is a new feature of SQL Server 2005. Even though I have been playing on and off with SQL 2005 since it was “Yukon Beta 1”, I had not heard much about this feature before going to the Melbourne SQL Server SIG session last night. I was not sure if it would have many applications in a Data Warehousing application, which is the area I normally work in. But due to the fact that it allows you to asynchronously kick off a long running process, using standard T-SQL code I can see ......


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