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Following up from my recent post on Powershell, I have updated the Powershell provider for Analysis Services that I wrote back when Powershell was still known by its code name of "Monad", so that it works with the released version of Powershell. I have a few more features that I would like to add to it, but it is quite functional in its current state and I am thinking of putting it up on codeplex in its current form. My main issue now is what to call the thing. The project is currently called AmoPsProvider ......
Jesse Orosz posted some interesting sample code recently on how to remove partitions with a certain prefix using AMO. I thought it would be an interesting comparison to see what similar code would look like in PowerShell. There is definitely not anything wrong with Jesse's code, it's obviously part of a much larger framework. It's more that I think PowerShell is a really good tool for doing these sort of admin tasks and it's an interesting exercise to take someone else's code from .net and re-implement ......
The second gem from the Analysis Services MSDN forum is also by Adrian Dumitrascu and deals with what the second "CleanUp" argument of the Measures.Remove() method does. MeasuresCollection.Remove() Method The 'cleanUp' boolean argument specifies if the dependent objects will be removed. For a Measure, the dependents include the PerspectiveMeasure objects. For a DimensionAttribute, the dependents include the CubeAttribute objects. If you do not specify the 'cleanUp' parameter, the dependents are removed. ......


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