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Quick report on the SWAG search (er, Trade Show):

Every PDC it's the same thing -- all these vendor booths in the trade show, showing their products, showing demos, answering questions.  But it really always boils down to the same thing --- what do you have for free !!? 

Thanks to ATI for the “shopping bags” -- what would we do without them?  Carry all this crap around the conference? 

  • MSDN - metal lunch box.  Only to MSDN subscribers that have their card (damn - don't have my card).
  • TShirts, lots of TShirts.  Got the frequent flyer one from Developmentor.  Another booth (who can remember which ones are which?) had a good idea.  Shirts with numbered stickers.  Find the PDC nerd with a matching number, bring he/she back by the booth and win the prize.  Anyone have #471 ?!  :)
  • Mini RC cars from Microsoft booth - they're waiting for more - tied up in the travel issues caused by fires.
  • Frisbees, magnets, pens, blah, blah blah.  Lots of little gadgets and thingies that my kids will end up destroying.

I rode a Segway today!  Not much of a wait finally.  Really weird feeling - sketchy balance the first few seconds while “it balances you”.  Then just the most subtle movements in your feet (toes really) make it go forward/backward.   Pretty cool. 

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