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INETA Community Speakers Program

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Tonight's Indy DotNet Developer Association metting had guest Jeff Blankenburg, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist. That has to be the coolest job ever. Check out his blog at http://www.jeffblankenburg.... His presentation was on some amazing things you can do with new Microsoft technologies. His demos included Silverlight, Photosynth, Live Mesh and more. Jeff did a cool demo on Popfly, a mash-up tool that lets you build some cool applications with out writing any code. He built a quick app that ......

Today was the Indy Tech Fest 2008. The day saw just under 500 developers and several sponsors. You can get more info and downloads at indytechfest.org The first session I attended was "Tips and Tricks for the New C#" with Mark Strawmyer. This room was packed. I managed to find a seat, but there were alot of people standing or sitting in the isles. Mark discussed the new features of C# 3.0 with basic demos and some background on why the new features were created. As he stated, almost all of the new ......