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June 2010 Entries

I have moved this project from CodePlex to GitHub at https://github.com/danemorg... I have a posted a project on Codeplex at http://efrepository.codeple... It is a T4 template to give you a data layer that follows Repository and Unit of Work patterns that is also ready for Dependency Injection (DI). DI frameworks allow you to build code that is more testable and allows for a greater separation of concerns (SoC). This is not the only use for them, but it is a big one and what they are ......

I attended my first CodeStock this year and in short it was awesome. Like 100 billion hot dogs awesome. The travel there was crazy to say the least, but I met lots of new people, had a session go well and recorded 3 podcasts. So that is the short version. If you are on twitter and either follow me or followed the #codestock hash tag, you probably saw my airline craziness in Philly. It all started on Monday. We had a client deliverable on Wednesday morning and due to some things that happened I only ......