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INETA Community Speakers Program


March 2010 Entries

I have been working on a few client app projects in my spare time that need to persist small amounts of data and have been looking for an easy to use embedded database. I really like db4o but I'm not wanting to open source this particular project so it was not an option. Then I remembered that there was an ADO.NET provider for sqlite. Being a fan of sqlite in general, I downloaded it and gave it an install. The installer added tooling support for both Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 which is nice because ......

Show 5 is finally up with special guest Steve Michelotti. We talked about ASP.Net MVC, how to get started in the community and more! Steve Michelotti is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and an Architect/Developer for Applied Information Sciences (AIS). He has consulted at Advertising.com/AOL where he was the Tech Lead for one of the highest volume .NET applications in the world. He previously was the Chief Technologist at e.magination. Steve is a frequent presenter at developer user groups and Code Camps ......

I had an awesome time at the NYC Code Camp last weekend and as promised here is the demo code and presentation that I used:


A special thanks to the organizers, you guys did an awesome job!  I can't wait for the next one.