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INETA Community Speakers Program

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I normally use an int with an identity as the primary key for most tables in Sql Server and I think that is probably the normal habit of most developers, but on occasion, you will need to use a unique identifier, which maps to a System.Guid in code. I am not going to go into the pros/cons of using a Guid as your primary key, as there is much debate around this. I am currently working on a project where this is required and I also use Entity Framework 4 and ran in a snag almost immediately. Entity ......

Yesterday I did a MSDN geekSpeak on Persistence Ignorance with Entity Framework 4. The recording is now up on Channel 9 and I have a link to the demos below: Recorded webcast geekSpeak Demo Code A special thanks to Glen Gordan and Dani Diaz for hosting this geekSpeak and asking me to come on as a guest. I had a blast! As I mention in the webcast you can hit me up from my contact form on here or catch me on twitter if you have any questions ......

Episode 3 of the Community Megaphone Podcast is now up with special guest Dan Rigsby from Indianapolis, IN and you get it on http://www.communitymegapho... Dan talked to Andrew and I about a myriad of topics including Olso, Dallas, M and OData. Dan Rigsby is a System Architect for Aprimo in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dan has been an avid .Net developer since late 2001 starting with ASP.Net, but today concentrates on SOA, Wcf, smart client applications, and a host of other areas. Dan is very ......