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INETA Community Speakers Program

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January 2010 Entries

The second installment of the Community Megaphone Podcast is now up and you can view it at http://www.communitymegapho... Our guest for Show #2 is Joel Cochran and we talked primarily about Blend and WPF: Originally an AS/400 RPG Programmer, Joel is a former Contributing Editor for ITJungle.com (originally MidrangeServer.com) and has taught various programming languages and Internet technologies at Blue Ridge Community College. He has been developing in C# full time since 2003 and currently ......

I'll be giving my "Getting to Know the Entity Framework" presentation at this month's BaltoMSDN meeting tomorrow. If you're in the Baltimore area and are interested in Entity Framework, come out to the meeting. All the details at http://www.baltomdsn.com Location: System Source 338 Clubhouse Road Hunt Valley, MD 21031 http://www.baltomsdn.com ......

I am very excited to announce the Community Megaphone Podcast. It is a new podcast hosted by myself and G. Andrew Duthie (aka devhammer) that focuses on community as well as technology. The guests will be developers and speakers that you would find at your local user group or code camp. Our hope is that this podcast will help you, as a developer, to learn more about speakers in your area and encourage you to visit your local user groups or code camps. The podcast is part of Community Megaphone and ......

Persistence ignorance is, I believe, one of the most important features of an ORM tool and it is coming with Entity Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010. When your classes are persistence ignorant, they don't know anything about the data layer they are attached to and carry no dependency to said data layer. Any application where your data will be passed between layers, like in a web service or web application, will greatly benefit from an ignorant set of data classes. This was possible with Entity ......