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INETA Community Speakers Program


December 2009 Entries

I'll be speaking tonight at the Philly .NET user group on the Entity Framework, if your in Philly and are at all interested in checking out the Entity Framework, come on out.  Details: http://www.phillydotnet.org/Default.aspx?tabid=809

I was giving an Entity Framework talk in Harrisburg, PA at the Central Penn Code Camp earlier today and afterwards I was talking with one of the developers that attended my session. He was a little hesitant to use Entity Framework because he didn't want to use it solely as his data layer. I explained that you don't have to use it directly as your data layer but could add another layer of abstraction. This is actually how I use Entity Framework almost exclusively. In short, how I do this is I build ......

I am a huge fan of code reuse, as any good developer would be, but there it the tendency at times to write "near-duplicated" code. Near-duplicated code is when you have a function, like a database save or delete, that is rewritten multiple times, but with small, but seemingly important differences. There are many times where those "seemingly important" differences can be easily abstracted away. For example, I can write a Save method in the Entity Framework as follows: 1: public Person SavePerson(Person ......