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INETA Community Speakers Program


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November 2009 Entries

I will be presenting on the Entity Framework in Harrisburg, PA at the Central Penn Code Camp on Dec 5th, 2009.  Details can be found at the code camp site:


I just got done with my NotAtPdc Session On "Getting to Know the Entity Framework". Of course like a good live presentation, my demo broke. The problem was in the connection string. When I did the model first development, I named the model something different for some reason and that caused the connection string to be out of sync in the actual application. Someone had mentioned that was the problem in the chat, but I didn't see it until after the demo was over. So, in case anyone else happens to ......

I am doing my "Getting to the Entity Framework" talk at NotAtPDC this year. It will be a virtual event via live meeting and will start at 1:30 CST tomorrow, November 19, 2009. You can get all the details at the NotAtPDC site: http://www.notatpdc.com/Sch... I will also be doing a quick 15 minute quick start on Entity Framework tomorrow night at the monthly Philly.Net metting with a discussion panel to follow: http://phillydotnet.org/ If you are all interested in checking out what Entity ......

I had a great time speaking at the CMAP Code Camp last weekend. Chris Steen and his crew did an awesome job! Below is the code download and some reference links I mentioned during my presentations. Code Download ADO.Net Team Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/adonet/ Julie Lerman’s Blog: http://thedatafarm.com/blog/ WCF Rest Toolkig: http://www.asp.net/download... ......

I now have a profile on SpeakerRate.  If you have been to any of my talks to plan to go to any, please do a quick eval and let know what you thought.