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April 2009 Entries

The Asp.Net MVC framework has made some major headlines and rightfully so. It is a very very cool framework. I think it is definately worth a look, even if you never use it. I plan to be using it in the near future for some upcoming projects myself. As many have said before me, it's not a replacement for web forms, so it's not going to be the best tool for every job. I stumbled across this blog post on whether or not you should use Asp.Net. It is well worth a read. Should You Use ASP.NET MVC ......

Anyone who has spent any time at all searching the web for anything related to any programming language has probably come across the famed 'language war'. These wars consist of everybody trying to prove their point on why their favorite technology is better than everything else. They ususally start with a simple harmless comment like, "I was just checking out Linq and it is pretty cool", but posted on a java heavy forum. Then the war begins by someone saying that Linq is useless and listing 50 points ......