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'Oslo' & Modelling

So it's official. Don Box has blogged an update on SQL Server Modelling. As widely rumoured, he has confirmed that Quadrant is dead. The shock is that the model repository has expired as well. M is still hanging on in there, but we don't know anything more about what the future holds. For some time, the official word has been that it would arrive in conjunction with a future SQL Server release. I detect a possible change here, in that Don simply says 'We are continuing our investment in this technology ......

I've been engaged in some debate in the last few days with Jean-Jacques Dubray and Doug Purdy with regard to Oslo. See: Jean-Jacques has questioned aspects of Microsoft's strategy. Following some issues with posting anything but the shortest of comments on the ebPML web site, I'll follow Doug's lead and post a response here. I strongly agree with Jean-Jacques' statement that 'M3 exists'. It seems ......

The latest CTP version of the Oslo SDK was released a few days ago. I spent some time yesterday installing it and having a look. From a functionality perspective, there is not very much difference to the October 2008 CTP released after last year's PDC. However, if you open up the main assemblies in Reflector, it quickly becomes apparent that the code has undergone significant refactoring and improvement. The code looks much tidier and closer to production quality. For example, the October 2008 CTP ......