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I spent some time today looking at Microsoft's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Guidance Toolkit, and this reminded me of an issue which we noticed a year ago, and did attempt to raise with Microsoft at the time, but which I never blogged about. It's always a little uncomfortable taking the good people at Redmond to task, but, while this is hardly the most urgent problem facing today's world, it is, nevertheless, a bit of a problem and something which should be addressed. The ESB Guidance Toolkit is ......

A default installation of WSS installs the service on the default web site and uses wMSDE, even if SQL Server is already installed. Many of us have worked out how to avoid these defaults, but in the hope that the information will be of use to someone out there, here is a brief article detailing a step-by-step approach to using a non-default web site and an existing instance of SQL Server.