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Microsoft watch

Interesting news from the Microsoft world
I know I'm a bit of an MS fanboy at times, but please, am I missing something here? Microsoft, with permission of users, exploits clickstream data gathered by observing user behaviour. One use for this data is to improve Bing queries. Google equips twenty of its engineers with laptops and installs the widgets required to provide Microsoft with clickstream data. It then gets their engineers to repeatedly (I assume) type in 'synthetic' queries which bring back 'doctored' hits. It asks its engineers ......

Wow...three posts in one day - a world record for me.

According to Brian Loesgen, ESB Toolkit 2.0 for Biztalk 2009 will be released mid-June.

Here's a little useless trivia. Just under a month ago (27th September to be precise), The US Patent & Trademark Office granted patent 6,951,022 to Microsoft Corporation. Filed on March 14th 2001, it had taken a little while to go through the system. The patent was for ...drum roll please... "Delegate-based event handling". So now we really can be sure that's one C# feature Java won't have for a very long time!

I posted on the BusinessWeek article about Longhorn a few days ago "The 16 year slip".   Jeremy Mazner has issued a detailed rebuttal of this article on his blog site.   So I take it all back.   A 12 year slip, only.

In a BusinessWeek article, spookily dated 19th April, I’ve read that Microsoft is currently backtracking significantly on Longhorn functionality. Longhorn is now expected to ship in first half of 2006 with reduced features. The article specifically suggests that the new OO filing system (WinFS) will be cut down to work on local machines only – i.e., won’t be network-enabled. The full WinFS won’t be introduced until the end of the decade. I remember the early 90’s when ......