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BizTalk Server 2004/2006

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the forthcoming release of BizTalk Server 2010 R2 on the BizTalk Server blog site. This is advanced notice, given that this new version will ship six months after the release of Windows 8, expected in the second half of next year. On this basis, we can expect the new version of BizTalk Server to arrive in 2013. Given the BizTalk team’s previous record of name changes, I wonder if this will eventually be released as BizTalk Server 2013. Microsoft has been refreshingly ......

At last, I can announce that ‘BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed’ has been published and is available through major booksellers in both printed and electronic form. The book is not a new edition of the old ‘BizTalk Server 2004 Unleashed’ book from several years ago, although Brian Loesgen, our fearless team leader, provided continuity with that title. Instead, this is entirely new content written by a team of six authors, including myself. BizTalk Server is such a huge subject. It proved a challenge to ......

Saravana Kumar has just re-launched BizTalk (see with lots of new content and a new layout, look and feel. Look very quickly and you might just spot that awful photo of me on the home page! The one with the bright purple tie and a dark blue shirt. What was I thinking? Oh well, no-one said that being a BizTalk user equated to being cool. And I desperately needed a haircut. Anyway, congratulations to Saravana. This is a really useful single stop shop for BizTalk resources. ......

Shawn Smith has added to the growing pile of questions surrounding transaction handling in BTS 2004

One benefit of my recent experience on a BA flight was that I got plenty of time to read through “Microsoft BizTalk 2010 Line of Business Systems Integration”. I’d promised the publisher weeks ago that I would take a look and publish some comments, but August has been such a busy month for me, and they have had to be patient. I should point out that, for the sake of transparency, that with another BizTalk book about to be released (next week) which I helped co-author, I have an urgent and obvious ......

After publishing the article on CEP on the Microsoft platform a couple of days ago ( see I was reminded of an excellent presentation given by my good friends John Plummer and Jeff Johnson at the Microsoft Architect Insight conference in 2008. John and Jeff both work for Microsoft in the UK. They used NEsper (the .NET port of the open source Esper event processing engine) to demonstrate how CEP might be used ......

Following the previous post, here is a second bit of wisdom. In the Load method of a custom pipeline component, only assign values retrieved from the property bag to your custom properties if the retrieved value is not null. Do not assign any value to a custom property if the retrieved value is null. This is important because of the way in which pipeline property values are loaded at run time. If you assign one or more property values via the Admin Console (e.g., on a pipeline in a Receive Location), ......

Here is a small snippet of BizTalk Server wisdom which I will post for posterity. Say you are creating a custom pipeline component with custom properties. You create private fields and a public properties and write all the code to load and save corresponding property bag values from and too your properties. At some point, when you deploy the BizTalk application and test it, you get an exception from within your pipeline stating, unhelpfully, that "Value does not fall within the expected range." Or ......

A question came up tonight on BizTalkGurus on my favourite subject of rule engines. I don’t blog enough these days, so this gives me an excuse. Essentially, the question concerned an incorrect, but understandable, suspicion that MS BRE may be using remoting to execute rule sets out-of-process. This is not the case. You can find an article describing what actually happens at: ......

Having blogged on an undocumented registry key recently, I’d thought I’d introduce you, gentle reader, to another bit of hidden functionality in BizTalk Server 2004. This time, my subject is an entire wizard which is not registered or set up when you install BizTalk development tools. It’s a simple device called, variously, the BizTalk Server Project Wizard, the BizTalk Server Scenario Wizard and event the BizTalk Project Scenario Wizard (nothing like being consistent!!).

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