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January 2013 Entries

I can't say I follow things that closely in the Windows Phone world, but I am aware of the upgrade to Windows phone 7.8. I've been looking forward to this for a while. The improvements in the UI look nice, and when I get it, I can try to kid myself that my company phone, a Nokia Lumia 800, is really an 820.It appears that the roll-out of 7.8 started today in the US for Nokia 900 users. It can take a while for upgrades to make it to all the eligible phones. So, imagine my delight when, this evening, ......

The C# compiler is a pretty good thing, but it has limitations. One limitation that has given me a headache this evening is its inability to guard against cycles in structs. As I learn to think and programme in a more functional style, I find that I am beginning to rely more and more on structs to pass data. This is natural when programming in the functional style, but structs can be damned awkward blighters.Here is a classic gotcha. The following code won't compile, and in this case, the compiler ......