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August 2010 Entries

Oh my. Somehow I missed this one from earlier this month. A guy from HP Labs called Vinay Deolalikar claims he has the proof. P ≠ NP. I'm nowhere near clever enough to follow his arguments (see for a synopsis), but I understand the impact. If he is right, then in a sense, nothing changes. It's just that we will now know for sure that there is no magic formula that will revolutionise the efficiency of our software. The proof will ......

It was always obvious that IE9 was going to get new chrome. Why else publish the technical previews with a mocked-up UI? The very fact that the IE team has cleanly separated the core browser technology from the old IE chrome indicates that they are free to change the whole look and feel of the browser if they wish. And of course, they must want to do so. Everyone loves the clean, zippy feel of Google's Chrome. If IE9 is to halt the slow slide in 'market share' that previous versions of the browser ......

I've been taking quite a prolonged break from blogging, partly because my attention has been elsewhere. Writing several chapters for BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed (due to be published towards the end of the year) has taken up a lot of time. I'm also involved in helping or organise Rules Fest 2010. And then there is the day job,...and four kids,...and two cats,...and management of a local youth club,...and organising my wife's 50th, etc., etc. Anyway, this is an unashamed plug for the conference. ......

UPDATE: 22/09/2010. I have posted an update on this issue. My root problem turned out to overheating, although I still advocate a number of optimisations for VirtualBox. I have a Dell laptop with 8GB RAM and a dual core processor running Windows 7. I use my machine quite intensively. Quite often I run virtual images under Oracle's VirtualBox. I'm currently using an image that contains an installation of the BizTalk Server 2010 beta. For months, I found that every time I fired up images under VirtualBox, ......