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October 2009 Entries

My report on day five (the last day) of the October Rules Fest 2009 is at:

My report on day four of the October Rules Fest 2009 is at:


My report on day three of the October Rules Fest 2009 is at:


I’m at day two of the October Rules Conference at the Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.   My report on the day's processings is at:


Microsoft today announced Service Pack 1 for BizTalk Server 2006 R2. Note that this is for the previous version of BizTalk Server, not the current version (BizTalk Server 2009). No doubt a service pack for BTS 2009 will follow in due course. The service pack is currently at beta. It has only been announced, not released. You can download the beta if you log onto the Connect site. See There are a couple of new ......

I've largely finished my presentation for the October Rules Fest 2009 conference in Dallas at the end of the month. I'm speaking on complex event processing (CEP). My plan is to provide a broad survey of CEP technologies, chiefly concentrating on the similarities and differences between event stream and rules processing. There has been a lot of interest and activity around event processing in the rules community in recent years, and not a little controversy about the best approaches and, indeed, ......