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June 2009 Entries

Last night, I got around to investigating the new Web Slice functionality in IE8. I browsed to and found various slices in the home page. I installed the 'News' slice and then clicked on the button in my Favourites be greeted by a rude message saying that "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page". Bemused, I went binging and soon discovered that Google Gears and Web Slices don't play nicely together. Unfortunately, this wasn't the answer. I don't have Google Gears ......

Yesterday, Microsoft released the final version of ESB Toolkit 2.0 (the word 'Guidance' has been dropped) which you can download from I have had half an hour today to look at the documentation. A preliminary read seems to suggest that, between the release of the CTP and the final release, Microsoft scrapped the old UDDI resolver and have introduced a completely new version that complies ......