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May 2009 Entries

Microsoft yesterday released a new ‘May 2009’ CTP for their 'Oslo' toolset. This can be downloaded from Microsoft's web site at The release is notable for a couple of reasons. First, it provides insight into the move away from the 'three-in-one’ language approach (MGraph, MSchema and MGrammar) towards a single unified, 'M' language. Second, it contains an early version of 'Quadrant' which, ......

Saravana Kumar has just re-launched BizTalk (see with lots of new content and a new layout, look and feel. Look very quickly and you might just spot that awful photo of me on the home page! The one with the bright purple tie and a dark blue shirt. What was I thinking? Oh well, no-one said that being a BizTalk user equated to being cool. And I desperately needed a haircut. Anyway, congratulations to Saravana. This is a really useful single stop shop for BizTalk resources. ......

After publishing the article on CEP on the Microsoft platform a couple of days ago ( see I was reminded of an excellent presentation given by my good friends John Plummer and Jeff Johnson at the Microsoft Architect Insight conference in 2008. John and Jeff both work for Microsoft in the UK. They used NEsper (the .NET port of the open source Esper event processing engine) to demonstrate how CEP might be used ......

Wow...three posts in one day - a world record for me.

According to Brian Loesgen, ESB Toolkit 2.0 for Biztalk 2009 will be released mid-June.

Microsoft will, later today, release beta 1 of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 on MSDN.   A public release will follow on Wednesday.    For further informtion, see

Last Monday, Microsoft used the TechEd keynote to announce their plans to include a Complex-Event Processing (CEP) engine in SQL Server 2008 R2. This article attempts to explain CEP from the perspective of a long-time user of BizTalk Server and to address the question as to why BizTalk architects and developers might have a reason to take an interest in the forthcoming CEP engine. Read on at ......

Following on from the news about Microsoft's CEP engine, Richard Seroter attended yesterday's TechEd session on the new engine and has blogged very detailed notes. See I'm delighted to see that Microsoft is disclosing much the same level of information publically that they made available internally a couple of months ago. Now all we need is CTP 1. Richard notes that the session was sparsely attended. CEP has ......

NewsFlash...Microsoft today announced their long-awaited entry into the Complex Event Processing market. The press release is at The news was also announced by Bill Veghte as part of his keynote at TechEd. The Microsoft CEP offering will be delivered as part of SQL Server 2008 R2 Unfortunately, this is the only information I can find so far in the public domain, and, being a cautious kind of guy, and NDAd up the hilt, I will ......

I dealt with an interesting, if arcane, issue today at a client's site. The client is in the process of deploying an early version of a BizTalk application to their test environment for the first time. The test environment is hosted by another company, and BizTalk Server 2006 R2 had been installed and configured by that company. They are using the 64 bit version on Windows 2003 R2 with SP2. The BizTalk application publishes a WCF endpoint, hosted in IIS6. The hosting company has quite correctly created ......