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April 2009 Entries

Over on the ILOG blog, Chris Berg called out Andrew Siemer’s post at I thought I’d post some observations by way of a response. See ......

My colleague, the ‘Arch Hacker’, forwarded an email to me this evening from Kenton Price. Kenton had noticed some peculiar behaviour using the Microsoft Business Rules Engine. Here are the pertinent extracts from Kenton’s report: “It appears that if you assert a fact in a rule, it hangs around for subsequent instantiations of the rule engine, behaving like a long-term fact.... I solved it by retracting each asserted fact on every exit path (I had a jump-out-early that halts and stops all other rules, ......

I've been engaged in some debate in the last few days with Jean-Jacques Dubray and Doug Purdy with regard to Oslo. See: Jean-Jacques has questioned aspects of Microsoft's strategy. Following some issues with posting anything but the shortest of comments on the ebPML web site, I'll follow Doug's lead and post a response here. I strongly agree with Jean-Jacques' statement that 'M3 exists'. It seems ......