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February 2009 Entries

As promised in my last post ( I had a look at the Express edition of Microsoft Solver Framework ( and used it to implement the Einstein puzzle using the built-in CSP solver and C#. Creating the solution proved particularly easy for the simple reason that Microsoft provides a worked example of a politically corrected ‘Zebra’ variant in their documentation (no tobacco or beer in sight). ......

A few days ago, Daniel Selman of ILOG (now owned by IBM) published a solution to the Einstein puzzle. See He did this in response to a challenge from James Owen who is one of the organisers of the October Rules Fest conference. James invited the various vendors who have involvement in the conference to provide a solution using whatever approach they deemed best. See ......

The latest CTP version of the Oslo SDK was released a few days ago. I spent some time yesterday installing it and having a look. From a functionality perspective, there is not very much difference to the October 2008 CTP released after last year's PDC. However, if you open up the main assemblies in Reflector, it quickly becomes apparent that the code has undergone significant refactoring and improvement. The code looks much tidier and closer to production quality. For example, the October 2008 CTP ......