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October 2007 Entries

Noon (Redmond time) on Tuesday 30th October marks the moment in history we can begin to talk publically and openly about Microsoft’s 'Oslo'. Oslo is the codename for the next generation of Microsoft's SOA platform...'Microsoft SOA vNext' if you will. It is a huge vision, and one which Microsoft is throwing some serious resource at. Their strategy will unfold over several years, but the first public view has been provided today. Get more details at ......

Earlier this year, Microsoft released a CTP version of a new technology stack called 'BizTalk Services'. In July, they updated this with a new release. It is only now, at long last, that I've got around to playing with BizTalk Services, thanks to the gentle pursuasion of my colleague, Andy James (CTO at SolidSoft). I must say that I am very pleased that Andy applied some pressure. This is a really interesting development in the BizTalk world, and having now had a chance to stub my toe against the ......