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September 2007 Entries

Like most BizTalk Server developers I am addicted to the use of DebugView. This, in case you are one of the three BizTalk developers out there who are still not aware of it, is a free utility written by the SysInternals people. Microsoft bought SysInternals a while back, and the utility can now be downloaded from their web site at: DebugView provides a viewer for traces created using the Win32 OutputDebugString() API. You can ......

My fellow BizTalk MVP, Leonid Ganeline, asked if I would comment further on mechanisms to govern sequential flow in rules in MS BRE. He was picking up on some comments I made in my article comparing WF and MS BRE rule performance (see What I had in mind was the use of state transition patterns within rule sets. These can be used to layer a degree of sequential control over the set-based pattern matching approach taken by engines ......

I had an unpleasant time yesterday afternoon re-stabilising an ASP.NET 2.0 application after it went berserk. I don't do that much coding in ASP.NET these days, but when I do, I seem to run into lots of problems. A fellow developer on the same project wasn't very helpful or sympathetic - he sat there and informed everyone in a loud voice that he'd just come off another project where he'd built a much larger ASP.NET app without any problems at all. Yes, thanks for the support! I had several problems ......