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August 2007 Entries

I had an interesting time yesterday writing a rule set in order to demonstrate that Bayesian analytics can be combined with rule processing in an entirely natural fashion. Armed with an understanding of how a rules engine works, I also believe that it is entirely possible for a Rules Engine to implement and apply Bayes theorem in an efficient manner. I wrote the rule set for a Java-based rule engine called Jess, so please note this is not a BizTalk-related post. My reason for writing the rule set ......

I’ve been asked a few times how the performance of WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) Rules compares with that of the Microsoft Business Rules Engine (MS BRE). Having done no testing, I could only guess at the answer. I’ve now undertaken some initial performance testing to compare WF and MS BRE, and decided to publish the results. You can read my write-up of the results here. ......