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April 2007 Entries

I posted an article on MS BRE side effects yesterday. I had immediately to withdraw it for a few hours because I realised it was incomplete (and actually a little wrong) in one part. Then I noticed I had swapped the legend text on the graph making it appear that caching made things slower, rather than faster! I then discovered today that for the last three years I have been completely ignorant of the fact that you can drag and drop object constructors onto the 'assert' argument in the Rules Composer ......

For almost two years now, I've been intending to write an article about the mysterious 'side effects' flag used in Microsoft Business Rule Engine policies. Microsoft documents this feature (see, and describes very briefly how to control it. The mystery that surrounds this flag arises because it is represented by an attribute named 'sideeffects' in Microsoft's BRL (Business Rule Language) although it actually controls a caching mechanism,

I recently had reason to revisit the exact mechanisms Microsoft use when you assert facts to the Microsoft Rules Engine. I was discussing stuff on-line with a fellow rules enthusiast when a terrible thought occurred to me. Can the MS BRE always uniquely identify each different fact, or is there a chance that sometimes it might confuse two facts with each other? For a couple of days, I was convinced that I had stumbled on a significant bug. Indeed, at one point, I thought there was such a serious ......