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November 2006 Entries

I had some discussion today with Christof Claessens about the merits of using .NET classes as orchestration message types in BizTalk Server 2006. Here are some of the reasons I came up with, and also some of the issues. ......

While I'm on the subject of rules engines (which seem to be my main blogging topic currently), I should report that during the last two or three weeks, I took the plunge and expanded (rather a lot) the Wikipedia article of the Rete algorithm. See Originally, I used the text of an explanation I wrote a year or so ago. I got some kickback on that, with claims of inaccuracy and other claims that the text was too convoluted (what, me write convoluted content ......

So, there I am, sitting next to my boss, Andy, at work. He's just downloaded the electronic version of a BizTalk book he's bought. It's called "Pro BizTalk 2006" from Apress, and its written by George Dunphy and Ahmed Metwally. Andy draws my attention to the chapter on the Microsoft Rules Engine. I've got an interest in this piece of kit, so I start flicking through the pages to see what the chapter is like. Not too bad at all. Oh look, they've even got a section starting on page 290 that discusses ......