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September 2005 Entries

For those following the debate on the implementation of the Rete algorithm in the Microsoft Business Rules Engine, you may be aware that I undertook to port some CLIPS/Jess tests provided by Peter Lin to the MS-BRE and to publish the results. This follows on from the original article I published here. My results for the ported tests are documented here. They show virtually identical scaling behaviour between Jess and the MS-BRE. There has been further debate about this on The Server Side .NET site, ......

I have had some fun in the last couple of weeks debating the Microsoft Rules Engine with Peter Lin. Many people in the BizTalk community will know that Peter used Amazon and The ServerSide site early this year to launch an attack on Microsoft's representation of their rules engine. A few weeks ago the issue arose again on the TSS site. There has followed a debate in which I have chiefly aimed at showing that Peter has no grounds whatsoever for the claims he makes.