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January 2005 Entries

Alan Smith has published version 1.3 of the Bloggers Guide to BizTalk. Well done Alan.

Some time ago I published a utility on which dumps the temporary C# source code files generated by BizTalk during compilation. The utility works quite well, but is quite unnecessary. It turns out that Microsoft has implemented an undocumented registry setting to control the generation of C# files.

My thanks to Gregory Van de Wiele who raised some questions over my statements about call-back patterns in my recent article on Direct Binding. In attempting to dispel some myths, I was indeed adding my own!! I had failed to understand the implications of the differences between Call Orchestration and Send Orchestration shapes, and the additional ways in which self-correlating ports can be used specifically with Start Orchestration shapes. I have issued an amended and corrected version of

Jesús Rodríguez has published a great article on a technique for invoking orchestrations from custom code using the same approach adopted by the Start Orchestration shape. This is the first time I have seen information on using the undocumented MessageAgent functionality in BizTalk. You will find the article here.

Welcome to the latest SolidSoft blogger to grace CyberSpace with BizTalk musings - that well known author (we'll forgive the fact it was a VB.NET book ;-) ) and general guru, Richard Case.

Unfortunately, the BizTalk help files contain no detailed information on the direct binding models supported for orchestration ports. This has led to some confusion and misunderstanding amongst BizTalk developers. This article started as an attempt to dispel a few misconceptions which I recently come across. However, the article grew naturally to include a brief introduction to the subject of binding which I hope will be of use to some readers.