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November 2004 Entries

Gregory Van de Wiele has come up with no less than three different ideas (one of the from Scott Colestock) on invoking BizTalk pipelines with loop-back from within an orchestration.   All excellent stuff.

As an ex-MCT, I like to keep an eye on the training courses offered by Microsoft. Two new BizTalk Server 2004 courses have been launched a week or so ago. These are: MS2157 - Developing E-Business Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 5 days - A development course covering the basics of BizTalk development. It appears to offer quite a reasonable introduction to the subject. The labs appear to be a modified subset of the original Microsoft BizTalk labs published back in beta-times. MS2158 ......

Congratulations to Alan Smith for publishing the November edition of the Bloggers' Guide to BizTalk. There are several new contributers, and lots of new material. I was surprised at just how extensive the information in this digest is becoming, after only the first update. Excellent stuff ......