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October 2004 Entries

Are you new to BizTalk pipeline processing? The 'ten commandments' should prove helpful in avoiding some of the potential pitfalls. Don't take them too seriously, though. The idea is simply to make you stop and think carefully before implementing inherently dangerous designs.

Lee Graber has fed back to the second of my 'Pipeline woes' articles to say that the inbound map problem (inbound maps fail over seekable streams) will be fixed in SP1. Thanks Lee. That's good news.

A few days ago I posted an article on certain behaviours we had observed and investigated in relation to BizTalk receive pipelines. If anyone has been reading the feedback to the post, you will be aware that since then I’ve managed to make some further headway in this matter. My previous article simply described the behaviour and offered some speculation. I now know more about the causes. This new article is intended to replace the previous article.