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July 2004 Entries

During recent testing, BizTalk Server 2004 recovered well from power outages and other tests. However, we did have an issue with HAT...

When BizTalk Server 2002 introduced SEED package technology, I spent quite some time trying to find out what 'SEED' stood for.   A couple of years later, I have at long last got the answer...and I don't believe it!!   See the title of this post for more info :-)

Check out two really excellent blog articles direct from Microsoft BizTalk devs. Kevin Smith has published a part 1 of an article on BizTalk ACKS and NACKS. Having fairly recently discovered the delights of NACK SOAP fault messages, this really filled in some of the gaps in my knowledge. Lee Graber has also published an article on Zombies. Again, a really relevant subject. I remember the 'Completed with Discarded Messages' status of suspended services really confused me when I first saw it. It's ......

You don't use schemas to control XML encoding in BizTalk. You use Assembler components an message properties.