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September 2013 Entries

Gamers should be monitored and tracked? Oh, how the stupid burns. It burns. "why aren’t we looking at frequency of purchases per person? And also, how often they’re playing and how many..." It's a shame that blonde hair and a pretty face are mistaken for the ability to think. Who gave this nitwit a microphone, anyway? Oh right... Fox News. ......

I've recently updated my speaker bio..."After eating his rival siblings in utero and being raised by a pack of wild televisions, Chris G. Williams entered this industry with a passion for mobile game development and hash browns (scattered, covered and chunked, if you please.) He speaks on a variety of topics, and really enjoys Windows Phone, Game Development, and Windows Phone Game Development. He used to talk about XNA, but well... we don't talk about XNA anymore."In other news, after a LONNNG self-imposed ......

With only $10, a GOG account and a handful of patches, you too can play one of the greatest computer RPGs ever created. The patches mentioned in this Kotaku writeup go a long way in fixing bugs and also modernizing the UI of the game. BGII Enhanced Edition isn't terribly far off, of course, but given the mess they made out of BG1EE, I'm not terribly optimistic. (Yes I realize not all of it was the studio's fault.)Got ......

In anticipation of the new movie, I picked up a copy of Enders Game about a week ago. I'm roughly 75% of the way through it, and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. It's really good, and now I'm all worried that the movie will screw it up. So much so, I kind of don't want to go see it.Update: I finished it, a couple days ago. Totally didn't expect the "big reveal" (you know the one.)Ultimately, I loved the book and can't wait to read the next two. Having said that, I'm still on the fence about ......

Two words that explain why "Free to Play" games are evil... Coercive Monetization.http://www.gam... article, well worth reading. Especially if you're even remotely interested in finding out the psychology behind why your significant other (or your mom) is slowly draining your bank account $5 at a time to advance in games like Candy Crush ......

202,586 people (including over 13,000 from China) paid to apply (yes they paid just for the privilege of applying... soak on that for a minute) to be the first Martians, via the Mars One program. Application fees varied by country, ranging from $25 (USD equivalent) to well over $100 per person. That's approximately $5-10M raised from people willing to die on Mars. Four people will be selected. This may be the greatest scam ever ......

Every few months, someone (usually a customer) will ask me out of the blue what prompted me to open a game store. (Sometimes they call it a card shop, but it's not. Never that.)For some reason, the question always catches me off guard, and I never really have an answer at the ready. I usually mumble something about "this isn't my first store" (it's not) or "I like games" (I do) or some random crap like that, which usually results in the followup admission of "but I really don't get to play games, ......

Regardless of my personal beliefs about religion & racism, there are a few basic truths that I see being violated and twisted in this whole Miss America thing. Pretty much* every religious person I know feels that their way is the "one true way" and that their god is the "one true god" and that presumably while they might not like the fact that some people don't worship their god, they mostly believe that their god created the "unbelievers" just as their god created themselves. (I should interject ......