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May 2013 Entries

Here's the short, non-spoily version: It's fun popcorn movie, with lots of action. A little too much interpersonal touchy-feely crap for an Iron Man movie, and not enough "suit blowing shit up" time, imo, but still good. Oh... and if you're a fan of The Mandarin character from the comics, oh boy are you gonna be pissed.There's some real silliness as he continues to find new ways to get the suit on as quickly as possible. (How many "high speed groin shot" sight gags do we need?) Go see it, enjoy it ......

I've been messing around with RPG Maker VX Ace a bit ever since they put it on sale on Steam (and my parents just happened to give me Steam Points for my birthday.) So far, I like it. ViNull made the comment that's it's easier if you aren't a developer, and I can totally see that. Overall though, if you're looking to make games, I recommend it. It comes in a few different flavors, invcluding one tailored to making "Indie" games, and there are numerous community created resources available as well.I've ......