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Sunday, November 6, 2011 #

About a month ago, I decided to delete my Twitter account.

I didn't "rage quit" or make some tired farewell speech. I didn't even tell anyone I was going.

I simply realized that I hadn't tweeted in quite some time and I also hadn't read anyone else's tweets in an equally long time. In short, I was neither contributing nor receiving any value from Twitter. It was not bringing me joy.

That last sentence sounds a little silly, or maybe pretentious, but it stands. As my life and career continue to become more demanding and more complex, I have searched for ways to simplify. My philosophy is simple:

If I don't need it, and it does not bring me joy, I don't want it.

My job may not always bring me joy, but I need it... therefore I keep it.
I do not need my xbox 360, but I enjoy it... therefore I keep it.
Certain people I don't need, who do not make me happy... I discarded them.

Twitter does not fill the need requirement, or the joy requirement, so it's gone.

How many things in your life could you get rid of, based on these criteria? Would you be happier if you did?