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March 2011 Entries

The title of this blog post is a lie. I don't actually love MFC C++, in fact I think it's safe to say I hate it. Hate may actually not be a strong enough word... but it's the best I can do at the moment. Recently, I had the pleasure of having to come up with a printing solution for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. For those of you not in the know (which until recently included yours truly) there's no printing capability in Mobile IE 6. As in... NONE. There's no print option hiding on a menu somewhere, ......

A couple weeks ago I was watching Netflix on the Xbox 360 in my living room and every so often, it would have to take a moment and rebuffer and just generally spoil my television enjoyment. As I thought about this, and thought about how often I was having to cycle the power on my aging Linksys Wireless G router, I decided it might be time for an upgrade. This is no small undertaking, mind you. With 8 desktop/laptop computers, 1 Windows Home Server, 4 Xbox 360s, 2 Wiis, 1 mini cell tower, various ......

This is how it should work: In your game project, set a project reference to Microsoft.Advertising.Mobil... (This will point to whatever folder you installed the SDK to!) Next, add a using statement at the top of your game: using Microsoft.Advertising.Mobil... Next, add these variable declarations at the class level: AdManager adManager; Ad bannerAd; Next, add some constants (also at the class level) to store your Application ID and Ad Unit ID from the site. (You have ......

Last week I packed off to Redmond, WA for my annual pilgrimage to Microsoft's MVP Summit. I'll spare you all the silly taunting about knowing stuff I can't talk about, etc... and just get to the point. I'm a XNA/DirectX MVP, an ASP Insider and a Languages (VB) Insider... so I actually had access to a pretty broad spectrum of information over the last week. Most of my time was focused on Windows Phone 7 related sessions, and while I can't dig deep into specifics, I can say that Microsoft is definitely ......

Want to win a trip to TechEd 2011? INETA NorAm is hosting a contest with our partners to see who can build an .NET application making effective use of reusable components to solve a problem. The Rules: Any .NET Application (WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, etc.) built in the last year (since 1/1/2010) using at least 1 component from at least 1 approved vendor. Then make a 3 - 5 minute Camtasia video showing your entry and describing what component(s) you used and why your application ......