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June 2010 Entries

Since the new issue of Code Magazine is hitting the stands any day now, I'll go ahead and post my article on Give Camps from the previous issue. GiveCamps Chris Williams This month I’m going to take a brief departure and talk about the growing phenomenon in the developer community known as GiveCamps. If you’ve never heard of these, keep reading (you better keep reading either way, bub). What Exactly Is a GiveCamp? GiveCamps are the brainchild of Microsoft Central Region Developer Evangelist Chris ......

A few weeks ago I decide to experiment with moving a portion of my inventory from the online store ( to Amazon to "see how it would do." Well, I'm happy to report that experiment has been a huge success. In < 2 weeks, I have moved more product on Amazon than in > 6 months on our own website. Granted, Amazon gets their pound of flesh for each transaction, but when you add up hosting costs, merchant account fees, and Paypal fees, the difference is negligible and the ......

If you're in the NYC area, please consider donating to or participating in Devs For Wendy. (

If you aren't in the NYC area, please consider donating anyway to this good cause.


Last week I spent some time hanging out with Jeff Brand on his Spaghetti Code Podcast talking about Windows Phone 7, XNA, Gaming and whatever else came to mind.

Check it out: