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September 2009 Entries

Remember the good old days, when we all thought we’d be cruising around in our own spaceships by the year 2002? Trading fuel, organics and technology at every StarPort we managed to find? Dodging the Federation and blowing up aliens (and each other) while trying to save up enough credits for a bigger ship… hauling human cargo to our home world so we could increase production and begin our mission of universal conquest? Well… those days are back my friends. Thanks to a miracle of not-so-modern technology, ......

ASP.NET AJAX Preview 5 is now released at CodePlex: This new version of ASP.NET AJAX contains bug fixes and feature enhancements including: * Dynamic and recursive templates * Binding Converters * Compatibility with the UpdatePanel The download includes a Visual Studio project that contains sample code that demonstrates many of the features of ASP.NET AJAX Preview 5. For example, the project includes sample code for creating ......

If you're a .NET User Group leader, you probably already receive the INETA newsletter (and if you haven't been getting it, contact your mentor to update your contact info!!) On the other hand, if you aren't a .NET User Group leader, you might not realize that you're missing out on some valuable community info that isn't just for UG leaders. If you want to see what's going on with INETA, and the greater .NET Developer Community by extension, hit this link: ( ......

Next week in User Group Land... The Twin Cities Languages User Group presents: Comparing Objective-C to Java/.NET (Sept. 10th, 2009) Objective-C, a fossil of a language from the '80s is resurgent: the language of choice for Mac development and, currently, the only language for iPhone development. In this talk, I'll cover some of the history of Objective-C & Cocoa (the Apple standard library for Mac/iPhone), how it differs to languages like Java or C# that you may be familiar with and show you ......

I was looking over the Dragon*Con website this evening to see what kind of craziness will be going on this year, and who the guests are... William Shatner... cool, Leonard Nimoy... cool, never actually seen those two in the same place at the same time. various other Star Trek, BSG and Stargate people... cool (no Robert Picardo though... bummer) Looks like most of the Firefly cast have other plans (although Shephard Book will be there) various comic book artists and writers, including Michael Golden ......