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Tuesday night, the INETA Speakers Bureau Director (Randy Walker) chose to step down for undisclosed reasons. I wish him well and respect his decision. Unfortunately, there's never really a GOOD time for something like this to happen, so as with all departures, a void was created that needed to be filled immediately.

As a result, I am stepping in to fill this position. I have served on the INETA Speakers Bureau committee for several years as well as being an actual Speakers Bureau speaker and user group leader, so I am already familiar with the system and the processes that need to be managed and fixed from a variety of angles.

I have been working with the INETA Vice President, Mike Vincent on the budget for some time, as well as identifying ways to improve the existing process and ensure that the .NET community gets the greatest possible value from INETA.

Since I am transitioning out of my role as INETA Membership Director, I am also happy to announce that Julie Yack will be serving as acting Director of the Membership division. I know Julie will do an outstanding job in this role.

posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:16 PM