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In an earlier post I mentioned that I was making some health related dietary changes.

Well, I'm coming up on the end of my 8th week as a *mostly* vegetarian... (by *mostly, I mean that I have been eating some seafood, but no beef, pork, chicken or turkey) ...and it's been going pretty well. I've had the occasional craving for a burger or whatever, usually when at a cookout, but nothing I couldn't handle.

So, on the plus side... I've lost some weight as part of this, about 9 pounds so far. I also feel better overall, although the last couple weeks have been rough because I've been sick (I think I'm allergic to Seattle) but overall good. Definitely good.

The not so plus side, is that eating out mostly SUCKS when you're trying to stay vegetarian. I can only imagine how much more it sucks for diehard true vegetarians and vegans. Eating out when traveling is even more of a pain in the ass, because you don't really know where any of the veggie friendly places are.  By contrast, staying veggie at home is pretty damn easy.

The plan at this point is to continue sticking with it. I eat fish a couple times a week (mostly tuna) and a little shrimp here and there (usually in stir fry or spring rolls.)  I'm almost done with this travel gig, so I'll have a while back at home to get into a regular routine again.

Lastly, I have to say that my vegetarian friends and coworkers have been a big help and I appreciate the encouragement,  input and advice they have offered along the way. Especially my buddy Alan Stevens and his charming wife Michele, who gave me a very helpful book when I first got started.

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2009 12:31 PM | Back to top

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