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I ran into Jessica at the MVP Summit and again recently at the Roanoke Code Camp, where she gave some BI talks. Jessica is an interesting person who not only codes in VB, but she digs sci-fi as well. Definitely a geek after my own heart. Check out these NINE Questions with Jessica M. Moss:


1. We’ll start off with an easy one… where are you from?
I’ve lived most of my life in, and I still consider my home base to be, a little Virginian town called Culpeper.  With my current job and an hour long drive to the Dulles airport, my location changes from week to week, and I could be just about anywhere in the world.

2. What do you do / Who do you work for / What is your product? Give us the "10 second pitch" on why I should use your product or services.
As a business intelligence mentor with Solid Quality Mentors, I deliver trainings and provide mentoring and consulting work for many different companies and industries.  I focus on the Microsoft BI stack: Integration Services, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services.  Most importantly, the goal of my engagements is to teach the client how to build, maintain, and support their own business intelligence solutions once I have moved on.

3. How did you get to where you are now?
I’ve been programming since middle school, which is when I decided to work in the technology field.  I graduated with a Computer Science degree from the Engineering School at the University of Virginia, and started working with a custom software application consulting firm.  For a recent college grad, the consulting life gave me a chance to work with a variety of languages, technologies, and processes.  At one client, I had the opportunity to work with the TAP program for SQL Server 2005 and immediately recognized my calling.  Since then, I’ve worked exclusively with data warehouses and the Microsoft BI stack and haven’t looked back.

4. You're an MVP and were recently in Seattle / Redmond for the MVP Summit. What was that like?
Before attending, I knew that the MVP Summit was a chance to talk with the Microsoft product teams, receiving information about future releases as well as providing customer feedback on existing products.  I heard that I would meet MVPs from all over the world both in my expertise and from other specialties.  What I did not expect was the almost overwhelming sense of community, passion, and drive that I felt when I walked into a room with these amazing people.  I greatly enjoyed that unique experience.

5. You're also an active speaker and blogger / twitterer. What's the most recent event you spoke at and how did it go?
Is twitterer even a word? {CW edit: it is now!}  Interacting with the developer community is my favorite part about speaking at Code Camps, SQLSaturdays, and conferences.  I most recently spoke at the Roanoke Code Camp in Virginia, delivering one session on Reporting Services in Applications and co-presenting with Andy Leonard on Integration Services Scripting.  Both sessions went well, even though I teasingly yelled at my first group for not asking enough questions.  During the rest of the presentation, I did receive quite a number of questions though!

6. Speaking of Code Camps what do you think of the grassroots community scene? Are we anywhere near the point of diminishing returns on all the free community stuff out there?
While Code Camps and User Group meetings are a great way to reach people interested in learning, I see the same people attend month after month, year after year.  To help community events fulfill their potential, we need to find a way to introduce new people into the mix.  If we can actively attract more and different people to attend, then I don’t see any reason to stop growing the number of events available to developers.

7. So most folks who read your blog ( know you as a SQL Server / BI person. What other areas of technical expertise do you possess?
A large part of my business intelligence work includes designing a dimensional model before populating it and analyzing the data.  Creating the data warehouse schema transcends any specific platform, so I’ve spent a lot of time researching and working with Kimball and Inmon methodologies.  Because of my checkered developer past, I can still knock out some code if needed, and my language of choice has always been VB.

8. Any non-technical hobbies / interests? What's something the world doesn't already know about Jessica M. Moss?
I love reading, specifically sci-fi and fantasy, but I’ve never met a book that I didn’t like.  I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.  Last but not least, I spend as much time as I can with family and friends, including my twin sister.  And no, there’s no evil twin.

9. Last of all, any interesting tattoos?
Not a one.  Just a few earring holes.

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Nice introduction Chris - checked out her blog, liked her content and style and have added her to my ever growing list of BI bloggers - thanks much
Left by Brad Osterloo on Mar 25, 2009 3:50 PM

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