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February 2009 Entries

As I work on my RPG project, I'll use this blog as a notebook to track my thought process and ideas. What kind of information do I want to store about a given tile within my map? For starters, I need to know what kind of tile it is (is it solid stone, a wall, a door, a floor, grass, a road, water, etc.) So here's a preliminary stab at a list of Tile types: public enum TileType { Desert, DoorClosed, DoorOpen, Floor, Grass, Hill, Ice, MountainClimbable, MountainUnclimbable, Road, SecretDoor, Stone, ......

I’ve known Kent for a couple years now, having run into each other time and again around the various Heartland tech events. Kent’s a busy dude but he managed to spare a few cycles for me to answer these NINE Questions: 1. Where are you from? (if it's different than where you are now, please feel free to elaborate.) I've lived lots of places over the years. I'm living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota now. It's really starting to feel like home. 2. Who do you work for? Give me the 10 second pitch on them. ......

I'm starting a new RPG project, using XNA and targetting the XBOX 360. I'll be doing the project in C# although I'm leveraging a lot of the code and work I did in VB.NET & Heroic Adventure. I got some interesting ideas from the RPG in a week page (here: though I won't be doing mine anywhere near that fast. I spent a few hours over the weekend doing some basic design and coding the inital data structures. So far things are going pretty smooth. ......