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It’s been an interesting morning so far… between computer problems and ridiculously early wakeups (thanks to noisy neighbors.) Grabbed some breakfast downstairs at the hotel and it was time to head to the second day of code camp.

After getting somewhat lost, I eventually got here and found the right building for my talk. Made it just in time to catch the first session (he was starting late due to technical difficulties with the room.)

Dan Rigsby – Duplexing WCF in the Enterprise. This was a good talk and Dan’s a good presenter. I was a total WCF newb, so this was quite informative. The only down side was this one dude who kept cracking stupid jokes and interrupting with semi-relevant comments during his talk.

Up next is my XNA talk, then lunch.

Posted on Sunday, October 26, 2008 11:45 AM | Back to top

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