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October 2008 Entries

While in Los Angeles, I sat down with Amanda Laucher for a quick catchup since our initial NINE Questions interview a while back. In this interview, we talk a little about SoCal Code Camp and PDC08. Enjoy ......

While at PDC08, I managed to get a few interviews on video. Alan was the first of those and probably one of the best. Without any further delay, here are NINE Questions with Alan Stevens: ......

So far, PDC08 has been pretty awesome. I spent a good part of yesterday wandering around the expo area and checking out the various Microsoft booths and vendor booths before settling down in the open spaces area. One thing I saw that was especially interesting was the XNA booth, where they were showing off XNA 3.0 and the new Platform Starter Kit. Although the graphics are different, the demo is reminiscent of the TorqueX PSK. Hopefully it will be as easy to work with. I guess I’ll find out on Thursday. ......

It’s been an interesting morning so far… between computer problems and ridiculously early wakeups (thanks to noisy neighbors.) Grabbed some breakfast downstairs at the hotel and it was time to head to the second day of code camp. After getting somewhat lost, I eventually got here and found the right building for my talk. Made it just in time to catch the first session (he was starting late due to technical difficulties with the room.) Dan Rigsby – Duplexing WCF in the Enterprise. This was a good ......

After a quick lunch (Baja Fresh), it’s back to the sessions. Next up is Amanda Laucher’s talk: F# (Functional Programming @ The Office.) This is an interesting session because it gives info about when/where to use F# rather than just how (syntactically) to use it. Also some discussion of building a DSL w/ F#. The session was originally listed as a lecture, but has evolved into an open discussion, with some of the MS (F#) guys pitching in as well. Catching a break with D’Arcy. Got to See Jason Mauer ......

Caught a cab from the hotel to Code Camp, although the cab apparently couldn’t come onto the campus, so had to hoof it a little, once I knew where to go. Ran into Rob Zelt (INETA Pres) and Daniel Egan (former INETA Pres, now MS DE) chatted for a minute, got registered, grabbed a muffin and was off to the first session (Scala). Unfortunately, the first session was having some technical difficulties but they got resolved fairly quickly. The Scala talk was pretty interesting and while it was Java-centric, ......

Here's my vote of no confidence for Obama and McCain. I think we're hopelessly screwed no matter which one you vote for. Andy (The ZMan) Dunn initially suggested it, and it makes sense, so I've decided to run for office in 2012. I know it seems a little early, but trust me... raising that kind of capital takes time... and while you might think I'm joking now, in four years you'll be ready for me... guaranteed. Shortly after announcing my intent (via Twitter, follow me @chrisgwilliams) to run in the ......

I've known Kirstin pretty much since she came to Magenic, and she's one of the smartest (and most energetic) people I know. Shortly after joining our team, she was off and running and hasn't slowed down yet. Through dogged persistence (and a few emails), I was able to keep up with her long enough to ask her these NINE Questions: 1. Where are you from? St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. I had a brief stint in Silicon Valley right at the beginning of the tech bubble – that was cool! Got home-sick though. 2. ......

If you would like to do a NINE Questions interview and you're going to be at PDC (or SoCalCodeCamp) leave a comment on this post and let me know how to get hold of you and we'll set something up.

In addition to the normal 9 written questions, I'll be doing some podcasting and video interviews too. 

The three of us (D'Arcy, Amanda & I) will be all over PDC next week so feel free to flag us down and say hi.

Good times ahead!!

Rob's one of my community buddies that I run into at various conferences and online of course. In addition to being a VB MVP, he's been around the UG and Code Camp scene pretty much since there was one. He's one busy guy, so I appreciate him taking the time to answer these NINE Questions. 1. Where are you from? I’m from Mississauga, Ontario. It’s a suburb just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I’ve lived there all my life. 2. What do you do? / Who do you work for? / What is your product? Give me the 10 ......

Just got back from HDC - Omaha last night and it was a blast. (The drive home was a little crazy... apparently my GPS has developed a crack habit, but that's a whole other story.) Wednesday - Jason Bock and I arrived in Omaha around 11:30am and after a quick lunch at the hotel with Amanda Laucher, the three of us piled into the jeep and were off to meet Joe Olsen and the GeeksWithBlogs crew at the PhenomBlue office for a Microsoft Surface demo. We hung out there for a bit and chatted up some of the ......

This weekend sure was busy. Friday night, we had the Twin Cities Code Camp V pre-party, and then a trip to a bar downtown... I think I got home around 3am. Saturday, My XNA talk at Twin Cities Code Camp V went really well and then we had the after party at Joe Sensor's, followed by a trip to the Casino later that evening, and then a late night poker tournament at Jason Bock's house after that. Sunday morning (today) a bunch of us met up at IHOP for breakfast and then went to the Vikings game. (This ......

I met Lindsay about a year and a half ago at a user group event in Greenville, SC. She has the perfect job that keeps her very very busy but she was nice enough to take a few minutes and answer these NINE Questions. 1. Where are you from? I was born in Singapore, raised in Australia and Guam, went to college in Los Angeles, then Microsoft moved me to Philadelphia! On top of that, my mom was raised in the Philippines, and my dad is from Scotland. 2. What do you do / Who do you work for / What is your ......

Today is the 5th Birthday of GeeksWithBlogs!  Congrats guys for kicking everyone's ass and making this THE premiere technical blogging community and home to so many badass cool people.  Jeff and John deserve a HUGE pat on the back.

I have a small backlog of interviews that I'm still working through, but I'm always looking for new and interesting people to talk to. So... if you'd like to do a NINE Questions interview, drop me a line here at this blog and I'll get in touch with you.

Thanks for reading and be sure to send your friends to

Well folks, it looks like this chapter of The Great Big Book of Awesome (AKA my life story) has come to end.

I'll leave the existing Mission Reports here, but there won't be any new ones publicly available. I don't worry much about me, but I definitely don't want to be responsible for other folks getting in trouble as a result of my actions.

If I've inspired curiosity or provided entertainment, then my work here is done anyway.


Recon: Abandoned WWII Munitions Facility Debrief: While at work on Friday, I had that itch to go do some exploring. It had been a long week and I wanted to put my brain in a different gear for a while. Shortly after that I got a text message that read "I'm thinking about checking out this old WWII munitions site." Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. The plan, as with any recon, is to locate and identify. So we figured on rolling out there in the daylight, looking around and then grabbing a ......

Yes folks, we're finally back after a slightly longer than intended break. I've known George for years, and he's one of my closest and also farthest away friends. We get to hang out about once or twice a year for the MVP Summit and my birthday jam. George is a very busy dude between work and his XNA Development website, but I'll let him tell you all about both of those, and everything else, in these NINE Questions with George Clingerman: 1. Where are you from? (How did you end up there?) I’m from ......