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Chris G. Williams Beware: I mix tech and personal interests here.
D'Arcy is one of the most interesting techy people I know, so he seems like the perfect match for this column. When I asked him to do it, he graciously agreed, and got answers back to me pretty quickly. Settling on his picture, however... well that took longer.


Where are you from?
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (One hour from the North Dakota border)

Who do you work for? Give me the 10 second pitch on them. Why would I want to buy their product?
I chose to become an independent consultant a year ago. My focus is on web development and delivering value to customers through good technology decisions and being pragmatic about developing software. If you want someone that can code, mentor, teach, and improve your business, give me a shout.

What led to your becoming an independent consultant?
Working for my previous employer. ;) I just came to the conclusion that what I wanted out of a career (ability to attend conferences whenever I wanted to, take breaks whenever I wanted to, focus on whatever technologies I wanted to) wasn’t going to be met based on the companies I’ve been employed with over the last few years. So instead of trying to find that golden ticket, I just wrote my own.

I've known you from your blogs for years, but that's just one side of you. What's something the world doesn't know about you?
I’m a very open person, so there’s really not a lot that the world wouldn’t know about me from my blog ( The one thing that people assume all the time because of my last name is that I’m fluent in French, but I’m not.

You went to TechEd2008 (Developers) this year. Was it your first time, and what did you think? Worth going back again?
Tech Ed 2005 was my first, so I was really jazzed to go back this year. It was definitely worthwhile, although my experience this time was notably different. I didn’t attend a single session, but I was down on a work program and manned an Ask The Experts area (Architecture). The discussions with people and the one-on-one learning I did with other colleagues, speakers, and attendees was definitely worth going down there for.

Lots of folks find equal or greater value in the networking, rather than the sessions. Would you agree?  Did you have a favorite session or event?
Oops, I guess I answered # 6 in #5. There is value in the sessions, absolutely. Because of my work schedule, it just worked out that I wasn’t able to get to any. But between the sessions, hands on labs, TLC area where there were many lounge discussions and smaller breakouts, and Ask The Experts areas, there’s a tonne of opportunity to learn at Tech Ed.
Favorite session would be: How to Find Your Way Home From Howl At The Moon After Too Many Coronas (it was a level 200 talk).

I followed a lot of folks on Twitter during TechEd, and it seems like the way to go when out of town. What's your take on Twitter?
I love Twitter. Its like IRC for the web. I just wish it was as reliable and stable as IRC clients.

Any non-technical hobbies? What are they and why?
I like cooking. I used to work in restaurants through college and I always said that if I could work 9 – 5 and make the same money I do now, I’d totally be cooking or waitering...of course, 9-5 and the same money isn’t a reality, so that won’t be happening. Otherwise, I’m pretty games, reading books, working out (ok, the last one isn’t terribly geeky).

Last of all, any tattoos?
No tattoos, but I did try to write “I Love Beth Massi” on my chest in ball point pen once...does that count?

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