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Attendee Registration is now open for Codestock!

What is Codestock?  Well, it's a one day conference, full of top notch programmers talking about the latest technology. There's no marketing presentations, or in your face propaganda.

Ok, so what's the deal?  The bad news: CodeStock costs $25 to attend. It doesn't cover a hotel, or even gas to get the the conference. It does include a lunch, a t-shirt, and a day of amazing sessions by awesome speakers.

Personally, I wouldn't pay it. I'd go for free. Yes, that's right, I'd attend CodeStock for free.

How? I'd tell my boss that $25 is less than the cost of a programming book. I'd tell her that CodeStock is on a Saturday and I won't need time off to attend. I'd point out that I'm willing to part with a Saturday to better myself and the company, so parting with $25 is only fair.

And then, after she agreed I'd say, "You should come too!"

Come spend a Saturday with some top tier developers. I'll be there, you should too. Posted on Monday, June 16, 2008 9:14 PM General Interest | Back to top

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