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woke up early. really early. Still functioning on Central time.  checked email for a bit then got up and started working.

First thing we did was talk about level design for a bit. Captured a little video and then we made a quick trip out to pick up some Woodchuck (cider), Peach Fresca and a large drawing tablet so I could work on some rough sketches for the level design.

I also had an opportunity to have lunch w/ some of the VB team from Microsoft, specifically  Paul Yuknewicz, Amanda Silver & Mike Hopcroft. We grabbed some pizza and talked a bit about the work I've been doing with XNA & VB, the ILoveVB.NET website and my community work as a VB MVP.   I had a great time and it was cool to put a face to the names I always see on the internal lists I belong to.

After getting back from lunch, Jason and I started working on the initial level for Treehouse Troubles.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we're using TorqueX and it's making a lot of things go smoothly.  We've already pushed some pretty basic demo code out to the 360 and everything is working great.

We're not using the newest drop of TorqueX (the 2D/3D beta) since there's still no support for XNA 2.0 and we'd rather stick with what we are familiar with this time around. This also means that we're stuck using C# Express which is kind of a bummer after getting used to using full VS2005 with XNA 2.0.  (Not to imply C# Express sucks, because it doesn't... just that I had hoped to use VB.NET for at least some of this project.)

So anyway, at this point, we're using CodePlex for storage and version control, we've got some sweet TorqueX gameplay running on the 360 and I'm busy transforming my on-paper level design to TorqueX Builder and Jason is going through the Platformer Starter Kit getting up to speed with the additional components.

The basic premise so far is that the XNA3WAY kids have returned from a hard days work saving the universe and just want to get back to their treehouse and relax. Getting to the there involves a bit of climbing, jumping and avoiding various nuisances to get to the key. Once they get to where the key should be, they discover it's gone and are taunted by their nemesis, the bully "Big Bad Andy."  Making their way to the treehouse is now imperative so they can defeat Andy ina boss battle and kick him out of the treehouse... and that's just the first level.

Since George couldn't make it to Seattle, we're leveraging the Platformer Starter Kit art where possible, and creating some placeholder art (by yours truly) for George to eventually replace later.  George & his kids will be doing sound effects for the game, and all of us will do our own character voiceovers (including Andy "The ZMan" Dunn as Big Bad Andy.)

We've got a lot of work ahead of us this weekend, so I better stop blogging and get back to work. Posted on Saturday, January 5, 2008 12:02 AM Game Development , General Interest | Back to top

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