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The December 20th meeting of the Twin Cities XNA User Group promises to be a good one. We've got the following members presenting some projects they have been working on.

Be sure to visit the website and RSVP so we know how many people to expect.

Member Projects
  Justin Chase will show us Drop In, a 1 or 2 player game featuring a simple MinMax algorithm for AI. The object of the game is to get five pucks of your color in a row by dropping pucks into a column and by rotating the game board.

  Greg Wurm is presenting MathHelper, a simple game he has been working on to help his daughter with simple math problems in a fun way. It has been designed to run on both PC and 360 and can quiz users on basic addition to multiplication.

  John Loesch will be showing a 3D side view score-attack game that is a clone of the sega saturn game "nights into dreams".

  Cory Petosky will be presenting a simple 2D, top-down tile engine with dynamically-composited textures. It loads its tile layouts from XML, so he'll go over the .NET-provided method of parsing XML on the XBox as well.

  Zach Wendt will show his flight engine/game that is heavy on the HLSL shaders and has FBX models imported from Maya. And, he'll briefly demonstrate his workflow for getting content into the engine.

  Jonathan Lawman is presenting a 3d Rubik’s cube program which can be controlled using a mouse and/or keyboard. The cube’s height width and depth can be set dynamically.

  Jonathon Stevens is presenting a previously unannounced TorqueX project from Last Straw Games. It's a secret, so you'll have to wait.
Posted on Friday, December 7, 2007 12:22 PM Game Development , General Interest | Back to top

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