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If you're interested in writing .NET apps for FaceBook, here's your chance:
(My favorite part of this:  We are going to start by trying to maintain both the and C# code bases. Hallelujah guys!!)

And of course, if you're in Chicago, and interested in learning more about how to do it, and seeing it done firsthand: 

CNUG Downtown Meeting (
Date:     Wednesday, November 7th
Time:     Pizza/discussion: 6:00, Presentation 6:30-8:00
Location:  1 N. Franklin Street, Suite 3400 (Clarity Consulting Offices)
Topic:    Facebook Developer Platform for .NET Developers
Description:       Earlier this year Facebook opened their platform to third party developers allowing them to build and deploy their own applications directly to the Facebook platform.  To date, close to 10,000 applications have been built and deployed on the platform and this is viewed as one of the key differentiators Facebook has over competing providers. 

To ease the process of building applications on the Facebook platform, Microsoft partnered with Clarity Consulting to build the Facebook Developer Toolkit which provides a managed wrapper over the REST-based Facebook API.  The toolkit was then moved over to CodePlex where it has consistently been one of the most popular projects on the site.  In this session, Ryan Powers from Clarity will do a walkthrough of the Facebook platform and APIs to get you familiar with how it works, then step through using the toolkit to build a .NET application that can be deployed to their platform.  Ryan oversaw the development of the toolkit for Microsoft and now manages the project on CodePlex. 

Even if you aren’t specifically interested in building a Facebook application, this session will be a great overview of the architecture Facebook used to allow third-party developers to deploy applications to their platform – something more and more companies are looking to do in the future.

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For me, Facebook is a hole in Internet Security. I've already received some phone calls from companies with whom I've never interacted before, and my phone number is available only on Facebook, Yahoo and Google Mail and is marked as private.
Left by delaco32 on Apr 27, 2011 5:02 AM

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