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It's deer season here in Minneapolis. Tonight though, it seemed more like Silver Minivan season.

We (the whole damn fam) were driving over to my buddy Mike's house for a cookout, and had gotten slightly lost. (Don't ask, just blame Google Maps)

So we're heading down county road 47 and this deer charges across the road, narrowly missing a van in the opposite lane, and slamming head on into the side of our van.

Needless to say, we were all WTF was that?!?!  We pulled over immediately to check things out with the van, but the deer was gone. The van that was heading the other way turned around and came back to see if everyone was ok, and we were, but the kids were totally freaked out and crying. Nobody in the van was hurt, but it scared them pretty good.

The driver's side mirror was shattered, the door has a minor dent and the (electric) window isn't working. The side of the van has a few scuffs and scrapes and the back panel has a small dent. There's hair everywhere but no blood (fortunately.)

After that, we decided none of us were really in the mood for a cookout, so we headed back home.

Posted on Saturday, November 3, 2007 6:48 PM General Interest | Back to top

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# re: Deer Season
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You are lucky. You just barely grazed the deer. Most people have horrendous damage. Deer also tend to go flying through wind-shields because they get hit and their center of gravity is higher because their bodies are larger than their legs.
It is so common in the north that at least one person that you know will get their car almost totaled in a year. Here the radio tells of deer strikes in their traffic report in the morning.
Left by Scott Miller on Nov 04, 2007 8:17 AM

# re: Deer Season
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Back in August, Kim and i were at my parent's house on St Helena Island. It's really dark and windy back to their house and a dog ran out in front of us. I jammed the brakes and missed the dog. I was a little frazzled and started to drive, this time going really slow (I was doing around 35mph before that). About 30 feet ahead a deer came charging out, the headlights hit it and it froze. I swerved to the left but it was huge. All I heard was a thud and saw a big deer flying. We hit it at 15 but it was enough to make an impact since it was running. Airbags didn't deploy but it made a nice large dent in the hood which really sucked. And as I was told, they tend to run in packs so if you see one , there's usually more. They can really cause a lot of damage and I know one person who got really messed up b/c they didn't have a seatbelt when they hit a deer.

Glad you are ok man - if it only hit the side, you're lucky.
Left by Bill on Nov 04, 2007 1:31 PM

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